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Ralph is in an unusually sober mood as he enters the bar. He's not sure if Ollie has told anyone else the reason behind the gathering, and it really doesn't matter. He just needs to get out of the house for a while. People are greeted with waves, small nods, or the occasional slight smile - though his heart is obviously not into the latter. "Thanks for coming guys, glad you could make it."
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Ralph has received the note from Sue, and is, appropriately, in tears. Sure, he knows what the scent is all about, has seen the rest of the message, and is just a good enough actor to cry on command... but hey, its all about appearances. Especially because he knows his phone is bugged, and he knows he's being watched. After all, if he wanted privacy, he'd use his cel that he checks consistently, and wouldn't be near the window.
He's left a couple messages on Sue's machine about 'paternity tests' and such, properly emotional, before a very tired and defeated looking Ductile Detective slumps onto a chair and picks the phone up, dialing a number he knows quite well by now.

"Ollie... you there? Look, pal... its Ralph. I really need to talk to you. Enough that I'm buying. Bring Wally... and not Carter... he...wouldn't understand. Alright, I'll be home. Give me a call, ok?"


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